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Monthly Program

The State of Contract Document Quality

Ronnie Bonner, Architect                                             [1 LU AIA]

Bob Roesler, Architect

Gary White, Architect

Carl Drennan, Contractor                        


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Central BBQ at 147 E Butler Ave

5:30p social, 6:00 dinner, 7:00 program


The meeting will feature a panel discussion on the state of the quality of contemporary contract documents. The panel will consist of three architects and one contractor. Subjects will range from the clarity of documentation to the level of coordination found in today’s documents. I suspect the discussion will be lively.


The panel


Bob Roesler, Architect

Bob is an architect with 40+ years of experience. He is currently the quality manager for HBG Inc. For the longest time Bob had his own office working primarily in the hospitality industry. I worked with Bob on Phase III of Mud Island and can personally attest to his attention to detail.


Ronnie Bonner, Architect

Ronnie is currently semi-retired. He previously worked with Roy Harrover where he was charged with creating the documentation for the “Boat Drawings” which were essentially large millwork pieces in the Mississippi River Museum (they’re still there...). His creation was published in the AIA Journal precisely because of their quality and attention to detail. An added feature of the drawings was they were created in the period of the boats circa 1850. Anyone who remembers those drawings will agree they were fantastic for working drawings. Ronnie also worked with HBG Inc. until his retirement in a QC and mentoring capacity.


Gary White, Architect

Gary is an architect with 30+ years of experience. I worked with Gary at Taylor Gardner Architects until he left for FedEx where he stayed until recently. At FedEx Gary worked with the international properties group building facilities all over the world. Thus Gary as a unique perspective of the quality of documentation required to build international facilities.


Carl Drennan, Contractor

Carl is the Executive Vice President of John J. Campbell Roofing. Carl has been with John J. Campbell Roofing for 38 years and has been a contractor for 45 years. In that time he has had to read and interpret contract documents and often had to assist the designers in correcting their mistakes.